ROII love the summer! It’s that time of year, when we enjoy the contrast of dressing down, while maintaining a serious mindset about the business of doing smart business. Christmas is right around the corner so this is not the time to take your eye off the ball!

Can you relate?

As we head towards the end of June and are nearly halfway through the year, I’m caught up in tweaking my plans in order to achieve specific end of year goals. It is easy to take our eyes off those good habits of watching the bottom line we’ve developed all year and sneak off for the beaches, pools and backyard barbeques!

As a business owner, I too am also interested in growing a successful company for the long term; therefore, it’s vital to continue a healthy perspective and reality check by viewing your profit numbers on a weekly basis.  Just having a snapshot available to you every Monday sets you squarely in the role of CEO and sets your pace for the remainder of the week.

As you leverage your time, don’t forget some of those critical statistics that maintain tight awareness of your Return On Investment. At this time of year, inventory planning and improved turnover needs close attention to open up cash flow for quick reaction to early fall surprises! Do you have an active open-to-buy? You will want to keep control of your ability to react quickly to those items or classifications that will add to your bottom line.

Have fun and take enjoyment in your business! Nothing is more exciting and inspiring than being involved with a growing and exciting endeavor. Monitor the facts on a regular basis to quickly move away from what’s not working and invest in what is working!

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