Financial PlanningWouldn’t it be helpful to have a tool that helps you focus daily to discern exactly what’s working in your retail business?
We don’t think too much about making decisions daily in our businesses. It’s just what we do in the day-to-day.

Depending on the situation, you either take time to considered the options or make a quick judgment to move forward. Most of us avoid making a snap judgment and try to make good choices for our store.

As CEO, you know long term strategy and planning are the keys to consistent growth. The lack of these keys jeopardizes the health of the company, as no approach moves a company forward faster than strategic planning. The most valuable move you can make is to integrate forecasting into your overall business plan. Once a plan is put into place, function of planning gives incredible value.

Forecasting serves you in a number of ways. Most importantly it will help you to make decisions in a proactive, not reactive way. Second, when used consistently in your daily operations, forecasting will be an important factor in your success. This is easily accomplished with a few indicators to strategize what will happen next.

The benefit to having a forecast is it gives you a look into the future using multiple what-if scenarios. It allows you to understand what is going to happen and provides multiple strategies ready to be implemented based on the reality of your situation.

What would your financial picture look like if you added the following?
· A new employee
· A new location
· A new product line

These are a few of the decisions you can make with a forecasting projection.

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